Complete industrial autonomy

Achieving a balanced policy with regard to investment in research & development (R&D), technological monitoring and rational acquisitions is a key step in achieving solid growth able to continually provide our customers with pertinent solutions.
Complete Industrial antonomy

Stago, which has always been attracted to the forefront of experimentation, has been able to create many areas of expertise, particularly as regards the industrialisation of its products.

The company's experience first of all, as well as the implementation of tried and tested management methods for industrial and production projects (e.g. Lean Six Sigma, 5S, VSM, etc), development of references highly suited to the field of haemostasis, and rigour in the domain of control processes and continuous improvement (Quality Assurance laboratories, integrated beta-site, etc) ensure efficacy in the group's industrial transformation of its innovations, whether in the domain of instrumentation, reagents or consumables.
This control over industrial processes is crucial in creating confidence for the future, which is essential for our collaborators and partners, and above all analytical laboratories, and is vital for achieving and ultimately maintaining an extremely high degree of customer satisfaction over the long term.